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Q & A

What do I need to do to prepare for my reading?

   It's always good to write down your questions before your session. When we start talking spirit may bring other things through and you may forget some things you wanted to know.  I'm an empath, clairsentiant, clairvoyant, and a medium. Because I'm clairsentiant while also an empath I'm able to know exactly what a person is feeling, thinking, and going through. I telepathically communicate with spirit and the higher self of others, their etheric field. Just take a deep breath and relax. Spirit always loves when you acknowledge them. Be open to anything. 


Are phone readings accurate and do you do email readings?

  Yes, phone readings are accurate. Most of my clients I have are in other states, and countries. I do Skype readings for international clients. I read the same way whether it's over the phone, skype, or in person. I connect to spirit and the energy that surrounds you. Readings are just as accurate over the phone. 

  No. I don't do email readings. There's a lot of energy over the internet, I don't shuffle cards. I work directly with spirit and your energy. Unless I have you at the other end, even though I would pick up some things, the reading would be very vague. I need you to connect with for your reading, your voice, your vibration, your name.  


What if I just have questions and I don't have someone who crossed over?

 Whatever is going on around you during the time of your reading it will show up in your energy field. I will connect to your energy and feel your emotions, I then will see what is most on your mind and what is going on around you. I'm clairvoyant so I will receive pictures of your surroundings, objects, things that spirit wants you to know. If you're in a relationship or want to know about someone, I'm very empathic and can pick up how someone is feeling and their intentions; I just need their first name....not their last. I try to find out what you need to do to help you for your highest good and be in alignment on your path. If you have any questions you can ask me anything and I can tune in directly to that question.  

I'm expecting to hear from a loved one that crossed over, what if they don't come through?

  I never know what spirit is going to bring through, or who's going to show up until I connect with your energy. If a loved one just crossed over, it takes awhile for them to transition from this lower frequency plane to a higher frequency one. When my dad crossed over it took me eight months to communicate with him. There's no timeline on how long it takes an individual spirit to completely cross over, or if there's healing taking place on the other side. While we in human form think of time as a linear concept, there is no time on the other side. Some spirits also come back and reincarnate. Some people may have more than one loved one who crossed over, and one may come through and the other may not be as aggressive or have the energy to communicate. While someone comes through during one session they may or may not the next. Same goes for if they don't come through, they may the next time. It's really up to spirit. 


Can you connect with animals?

 Yes. Animals are just like humans. They have feelings, thoughts, they love, just like everyone else. They have a spirit and cross over also. I can feel how animals are feeling, and if something is wrong with them. If they have crossed over, same goes for animals as it does loved ones. 


Psychic Reaings.


Author: Colette Baron-Reid

  Once in a while I run across a wonderful gifted unknown intuitive that needs to be more known. Maria got a session from me and  at the end told me a few  things about my life that were spot on! She is very talented out of the blue she described my mother right down to her lipstick, her small dog, and that she was in a hospital bed with wheels. We all start somewhere my prediction is this intuitive healer will go far!  
Psychic Readings Available.


Nikki, Vancouver, WA Hypnotherapist

I have had psychics readings from a number of intuitive healers over a span of many years, and I was amazed at the power of Maria's gift and connection to Spirit. She has, without a doubt, the clearest connection I've ever experienced. Our readings ...have helped me in countless ways to deal with issues I need to deal with, to open myself further to connect with loved ones who have crossed over and my angels, and to find clarity in my journey. Her loving energy and obvious heart-felt caring of her clients are strongly felt through her energy. I recommend her with every opportunity that presents itself. Thank you, Maria, from my heart to yours.   

Psychic, Empath, Reiki, Healing.



Getting a reading from Maria is like getting a message about your life and soul from a heaven-sent Angel speaking directly to your heart. Or at least that has been my experience each and every time I've had a reading from Maria! Not only is she a gifted psychic who speaks about the past, present, and future with amazing accuracy and insight- she is also a counselor and soothing HEALER who helps you see your soul's lessons from a non-judgmental, peaceful manner. From the first moment I spoke with Maria, she spoke as if she'd known me all my life, talking about so many details as if I was an old friend. She discussed friends and family, living and deceased, with verifiable details that are uncanny. Maria's readings have given me relief, happiness, and an overall healing that remains. Maria is the real deal, and you will be giving yourself a great gift by having her share hers with you!

Psychic, Empath, Reiki, Healing.

 Fernando, Carlsbad, CA.

For the past 50 years I have been to hundreds of psychics and psychic shops in many countries. Over the past 30 years I have been on an amazing spiritual journey with the ‘Ancient Masters’ (Gods Vishnu, Ganesh ect ). I have been coming to you on a weekly basis for the past year or so. You have had no problem connecting and being a medium for Hindu Gods who possess a very high vibration. You can easily connect with departed relatives too. Not all mediums can do this. There is something very unique about Maria. As you are with her, if you give the first name of another person, right there and then, she can talk to the emotional body of that person! She can also get in touch with the energy of that person too. With respect to what to expect from bosses, coworkers, clients etc., she has a proven record of being  correct.  This is ever more beneficial when it comes to romantic relationships. Never in my life have I seen anyone with this unique gift! As Deepak Chopra says, every human has something unique to offer to this world; this is one of the unique gifts Maria brings to this world! 

Psychic, Empath, Healing, Clairsentient.

Kim, Las Vegas, NV.

 Maria literally saved my daughter's life due to a warning given during one of her readings. She told me that my teenage daughter was suicidal, that I should look in her room for evidence, and then talk with her. Nothing was farther from my mind than that news, seemingly out of nowhere! I took Maria at her word, found the evidence she mentioned and also found through talking with my daughter that she was indeed suicidal. We got the appropriate help, and my daughter is back to her happy self. There is no way in the world I ever would have known if Maria hadn't alerted me. If anything can make me believe in Maria's talents, guidance, and that we are also guided and protected is that one reading. There have been other readings where she has blown my mind, but as a mom, this one will forever remain in my heart, mind, and soul!   

Psychic, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant.


Nansi, Las Vegas, NV   ​  

Maria is blessed with an extraordinary gift that she shares with kindness and love with you. I like many people face many trials in my life; and have had several readings by many different people. I have always left still feeling empty or foggy in my thoughts; because it always seemed like a general reading. Maria is the first person who connected to me and had me understand what I was going through. She has brought light into my heart when I felt lost. With her direction I found clarity and peace by her words of wisdom, encouragement and reflection from my guides. I still remember my first reading with her that she told me exactly what has been weighing in my mind & heart with turmoil without speaking a single word to her. I'm so amazed by her special gifts how she can provide specific details about people in my life down to their personality traits and absolutely correct every time. Maria has guided me through simple questions to deep secrets I haven't shared with anyone else. Her grace can be felt and I feel so much lighter and happier each time I talk with her. I have recommended to her to many friends and they have raved about her abilities as well. 

 My friends and I agree that Maria's gift help provide such a clear picture that no one can compare to her! I have complete trust in her and reach out to her several times a year. There are no words that can express how Maria will touch your heart, spirit and soul with her love and light.  

Psychic Readings.

 Kendal, Maui 

 I swear I was just telling my mom about you the other day, because I remember at work you once told me I would end up pregnant and by the ocean! And that's exactly what happened! I moved back to Maui this past July and I had a son. I'm totally stoked to hear from you. Thank you for everything. 

Psychic Readings Available.

Sara, Henderson, NV. 

 Maria has done several guidance readings for me over the past few years. She is always so informative and kind. Her words of wisdom and insight have opened many doors in my life, and I am forever grateful for that. She has connected to my deceased loved ones and given great detail about them and their messages; information she could not possibly have found out anyway else. Thanks for Maria for your love and light!

Psychic Readings.

 Jackie, NY

Hi Maria. You are an amazing person.  I spoke to you in March and everything you stated has come to pass.  I passed my final and course like you said…got a B.  You saw I am tired and would be on hiatus from school…so true.   I’m on a 3-week break. You mentioned I will get a summer job that I will enjoy doing. Once again, that is true.  I have a job lined up.   Thank you for your guidance! I will talk to you soon. 

A Little About Maria

I'd like to tell you just a little about me.  As a child I always had really strange things happen to me.  I could feel spirits and energies around me so strong I knew where they were and what they looked like. To this day I have to sleep with the light on.  I see and feel a lot of things. I was raised Catholic and as I grew older my knowing became more prominent and I didn't listen to dogmas anymore.

I never had a teacher or anyone around me that taught me what I was feeling,  sensing,  and why spirits were next to me, I  just thought I wasn't normal. I'm an empath, clairsentient, and extremely sensitive, it seemed that others didn't understand me or they would brush it off as me being overly sensitive.  I always just knew things.

In my  early twenties I started communicating more with my guides.  Joyce, one of my spirit guides started answering my questions and teaching me about the universe and what my gifts are. I learned how to click over and tune into spirit. I learned what all those strange encounters were as a child, and also that my sensitivity helps connect me past the human veil. I can see and feel things deeper than the norm.

I started using my gift at work. I worked in a studio doing makeup and for LVMH.  My  clients  and staff  would ask me to pick up on them, so I did. I connected to their energy  and felt their emotion, sometimes their loved ones would come through.  I would tell them the information I was receiving, and they would then acknowledge and confirm the messages.  I started doing readings for my friends and those close to me, then for others.

 LVMH transferred me to Tucson, Arizona to open a store. I hired everyone and held training at Ventana Canyon Resort. Six months had passed and  the store was about to have it's  Grand Opening! My dad was sick with cancer during this time. I believe the Universe transferred me to spend time with my dad during his passing.

My dad had crossed over in 2009. I left Arizona and became certified in Reiki Healing,  Crystal Healing, and Crystal Grids to help strengthen the etheric field. I do a lot of channeling and writing also. The universe has led me in the direction of my purpose and created events in my life where help and guide others full time.   -Maria Crothers 





Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Terms Of Agreement

Scheduling:  All appointments are scheduled through my scheduler. Payment is due at the time of scheduling to hold and confirm your appointment time. If you need an emergency psychic reading, please text my phone and I'll let you know the soonest I can schedule you in. You can make payment through the button near schedule an  emergency reading or donations at the bottom of my website. If you can't make your appointment time please let me know and we can reschedule your appointment. If you are unavailable and I can't get a hold of you for your appointment, you will forfeit your payment and not get a refund or new appointment. Please just communicate with me if you're unable to make it. If you're a regular client you have my cell phone. If you're a new client, you can email me through my website. 

Readings: I'm here as a guide of service, a tool to help others. I receive message from spirit and pass them on. I am not here to live your life for you or tell you what to do.

I get messages from spirit, read your energy, those around you, and I pass the information I receive on to you,  to help you on your path. It's your journey and up to you to take action on your life. If I see a job coming and you're exited I see that in your energy field, the job will not manifest on it's own. However, it's waiting there for you to go apply to it and walk through the door to get hired. My readings are very accurate with what people feel and think. If a loved one is around they will come through. I basically work off of names and what spirit wants to bring through. I'm an empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and a medium. I'll write your name down to connect to your energy field and all of a sudden start feeling what you feel. It's very draining on me at times. I can also pick up health and see shadowed areas in the body that aren't that healthy. I care a lot about what I do. I thank spirit everyday for my gift, and hope to help as many people as I can. Especially children. The biggest thing I care about is helping you align on your path and journey. Giving you hope that there is more out there and you are very protected and blessed. Messages come through all the time that aren't mine, they are from spirit, and sometimes that's all a person needs to push them a little farther on their journey. As my guides told me, "we are here and will open doors for you, but you are the one in physical form so you have to do the work."

Disclaimer: I, Maria Crothers will not be held liable for any action taken or lack there of based upon my services or advice received. I am not a medical or psychological professional and I am unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. Anyone using my  services acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer & terms of agreement.

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